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Yo Buckeye Battle Cry, Listen Up

I don't usually like calling out writers and bloggers by name, unless we're having a little fun with it with a good friend, but when another blogger calls BSD out by name I figure they at least deserve a response.

When I wrote my recap of day one of the Big Ten Media Days, I knew this line would get a response.

At what point is Terrelle Pryor going to live up to his hype and actually, like, win something on the field? And no, beating Oregon in the Rose Bowl does not count.

That little line generated a thread that is approaching 500 comments, and only 200 of those are Rambler and Fugi arm wrestling over how great Michael Robinson was. It was a pretty fun debate to read through yesterday, and I'd like to thank the Ohio State fans who participated in the thread for managing to keep the JoePoop jokes to a minimum. It also created quite a spark in all of the Ohio State message boards, though it really wasn't a debate there. It was more like what Buckeye Battle Cry had to say in his post titled Message To Black Shoe Diaries.

The Lil’ Old Nittanies have their panties in a wad again today….They’ve decided over there that they’re not getting the attention that they deserve, so they’ve reverted back to their infantile default-mode of picking on Terrelle Pryor.

The win over Oregon, which was ranked #7 at the time, no longer counts.  Putting up 336 yards against them on the biggest stage Pryor has ever known, isn’t good enough apparently.


The boys over at Black Shoe Diaries need to have their adult diapers changed.  Much like their head coach.

Before I get into the actual substance of the debate going on between our two fan bases, I would like to address the tone of this "message". Take note who is calling whom "infantile" while they crack sexuality and poop jokes out the other side of their mouth. Nothing of this nature came from me to instigate this. I don't see why we can't have this debate without hurling insults at each other. I have an opinion, and you have yours. So let's lay out the merits and have at it. To resort to "infantile" remarks while you accuse others of doing the same, even though they are not, just tells me you are not exactly comfortable with your position and you feel the need to put your opponent on the defensive. Or maybe you just think it's cool and people will like you. Either way, whatever.

Bloggers should hold themselves to a higher esteem on a level above the masses. You, sir, give bloggers a bad name. When honest bloggers trying to make something of themselves get denied for press passes from their school, it is because of "infantile" people like you. I hope that makes you stop and think. It is shameful behavior on your part, and you represent your school with disgrace. Congrats on that.

Having said that, let me next address my comment quoted above. After reading through the debate and thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion I chose my words very poorly. To say that Terrelle Pryor "hasn't won anything on the field" is not true. It is also not exactly what I meant to say. His team has won two Big Ten titles (one shared that most other conferences would not recognize) and he won the Rose Bowl over a top ten ranked team with him at quarterback. I wrote the post at the end of a very long day. I was tired and I had half of an hour to put something together. But that's no excuse. When you put your opinions out there on the internet for everyone to see, you have to choose your words carefully and you have to be correct 100% of the time. So I deserve all of the ridicule I got for that one. Shame on me, but save the poop jokes.

If I had it to do over again, I would simply ask when will Terrelle Pryor put up statistics that warrant all of the hype he receives? This is a guy who finished tenth in the Big Ten in passing last year. He was eighth in passing efficiency. Admittedly, he is a pretty good runner and he should be commended on that. He would make a great running back or an even better wide receiver. But he's a lousy quarterback, and that is not my opinion. The statistics do not lie.

And no, Buckeye fans, none of this is jealousy from Pryor picking Ohio State over Penn State as was suggested in the comments. That decision was made years ago. It is done and I assure you Penn State fans have completely moved on. Seeing him cry his sweet tears on the bench after the game in 2008 after he made the game-losing fumble cemented that feeling forever. And every time he manages to find a microphone behind Tressell's back and say something about how everybody murders and steals we thank our lucky stars you got him and we didn't. So don't flatter yourself anymore with thinking we're jealous. Just put that one to bed.

My comments about Pryor were also not an attempt to get "the attention that (Penn State) deserve(s)." I have said numerous times in the past months that I expect a 9-3 season from Penn State. I'm including a loss to Ohio State in that. I'm not crying that the media didn't pick Penn State to finish in the top three of the conference, though I did point out that the media didn't pick them in the top three in 2005 or 2008 either. I simply mentioned it as bulletin board material for Penn State fans. In making my comments about Pryor, I didn't say Evan Royster deserved more recognition. I'm not suggesting any Penn State player deserves the award this year, though last year was a different story. In fact, I questioned why John Clay  was not recognized by the media as the preseason offensive POTY. (pssst...he plays for Wisconsin.) Clay led the Big Ten in rushing and scoring last year and won the postseason POTY award from the coaches and the media. Why would he not be the heavy favorite to repeat as POTY? That's all I'm asking. I'm still waiting for a Buckeye to address this.

You can point to the Rose Bowl game as evidence that Pryor is TEH AWSUM!!! But the Ducks didn't exactly have the world's most dominating defense, and he had a month to prepare. Ohio State won the game by controlling the ball and playing good defense, but I would hardly say Pryor "won the game". He simply kept the car out of the ditch. In the game prior to that he threw for 67 yards against Michigan who was using scarecrows in the secondary last year. So forgive me if I hold back on my expectations for Terrelle Pryor for just a little while longer. I've heard this mantra about turning the corner in the bowl game before. And Anthony Morelli was no better in season two than he was in season one.

I think the Buckeyes will have a good season. You have to pick them as favorites to win the Big Ten. But mark my words and throw them back in my face if I'm wrong: They will not go undefeated, and they will not win the National Championship. They will lose one or two games, and Terrelle Pryor will be the reason.