BSD Help Wanted

Hey Guys and Gals,

With the season quickly approaching, the amount of information to absorb, process, and pass along to the readers of BSD is about to become enormous. Like all of you, your humble BSD staff has a life outside of this blog. We have jobs, wives, and family that take up much of our time and prevent us from spending the time we would like to keep BSD going. You have probably noticed that Kevin and RUTS don't post as much as they used to, and the thought of doing it all by myself this fall is daunting. So I'm reaching out to the BSD community to step up and help me out.

Ideally I'm looking for two things.

Daily News Editor(s)

Description - I would like to have someone who can commit to putting together a minature Nitt Picks on a daily basis. It doesn't have to be an elaborate post with quotes and commentary. Something similar to what they do on PennLive is exactly what I'm looking for. Just a set of bullets with the day's headlines. Doing this will clue everyone into the daily news and free me up to focus on more analysis and commentary.

Qualifications - You obviously have to have some time available in the mornings to complete the work. I would like these posts to go up no later than 9 AM, so if you can't get around to it until lunch time there is no need to apply. Writing skills are not important here as you are simply assembling headlines and posting them. People who use news readers and spend the first hour of their day scanning headlines would be perfect for this. If you are not good with news readers I can coach you on how to use them. I have tips and tools available that can make these posts a very easy task. If multiple people are interested in this we can split it up among them and assign different days to lighten the load. Or we could have a morning links guy and an afternoon links guy if someone has time in the afternoons. Again, this would be a tremendous help to me as it would free me up to focus on commentary, and I think it would be a tremendous benefit to the community.


Description - I'm looking for people who can commit to doing one, two or more posts per week on various topics related to Penn State and college athletics. If you have ever thought running a blog looks easy but didn't know how to get started or didn't think you could start one up and compete with the PSU blogs already out there, this is your perfect opportunity.

Qualifications -

  • Good writing skills are obviously a must. I'm not saying you have to be poetic or have a two million word vocabulary, though that would certainly be a plus. If you can demonstrate that you have good ideas and you can assemble them into a coherent thought, that's good enough for me.
  • Previous writing experience is a plus, but not a must. I didn't have any writing experience when I started this up either.
  • Have something to say. I'm looking for people who think they can be informative, critical, analytical, and entertaining. You can only do so many posts consisting of bacon jokes and MICHIGAN SUX! before you turn off your audience.
  • Understand that blogging is not easy. It takes time to develop a post and type it up. I'm looking for people I can count on to give me one or two posts per week.
  • You must be a registered user of BSD so I can review some of your contributions to the site. If you are a long time reader that does not have an account we can work around this, but it is going to take some effort on your part. I have to know I can trust a person before I grant them front page access, so I will have to review your account.

What does it pay?

One hundred BSD bucks per hour, and you can have all of the women (or men) that throw themselves at you. I'm not making much money doing this, and neither will you. Apply for one of the positions because you want to write about Penn State football and lead the conversation. Don't do it if you think you will get rich. For journalist majors looking to pad their resume, this would be a great opportunity for you.

If you are interested in joining BSD in either of these two positions, please email me at blackshoediaries (at) gmail (dot) com and we can talk about it. Please include the following in your email application.

  • Your BSD user name
  • Which position you are applying for
  • Why you think you are qualified
  • Any specific topics that interest you that you think you could focus on (i.e. - recruiting, other PSU sports, breaking down game film, game previews, etc.)

We'll take the conversation from there.

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