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Nitt Picks Misses The Cornell Rivalry

I kind of chuckled a little bit when I read this little article about Kansas changing their fight song.

The University of Kansas fight song will be revised this fall to account for longtime border rival Nebraska's move to the Big Ten next year and Colorado's upcoming departure for the Pac-10.

"I'm A Jayhawk" mentions six foes from the old Big Eight -- all but Iowa State. Kansas is the only school with cause to tweak its fight song after this summer's conference realignment.

The article says they plan to revise the lyrics to replace those that reference Nebraska and Colorado. I got a chuckle out of this because the Nittany Lion fight song has this verse in it.

There’s Pittsburgh with its Panther,
and Penn her Red and Blue,
Dartmouth with its Indian,
and Yale her Bulldog, too.
There’s Princeton with its Tiger,
and Cornell with its Bear.
But speaking now of victory,
We’ll get the Lion’s share.

If I were Kansas, I would just add a new verse like Penn State did to reflect their new opponents in the Big Ten. The Big 8 is part of the Kansas tradition. They shouldn't try to erase history by deleting the words to the fight song to remove teams they don't play anymore. Just my $0.02.

The more I read about Pat Fitzgerald, the more I like him. David Jones agrees.

Coaching wives have always been saddled with an inordinate amount of childcare. Fitzgerald encourages his staff to bring their kids to practice whenever it's practical. They're around their fathers a lot more that way./p

Asked if that could be a "distraction," Fitzgerald replied, "Nah. This is the best family profession in the world.

I don't like to talk about life after Joe that much. I figure I'll address that when the time comes. But when that day comes one of the guys on my short list to replace him is Pat Fitzgerald. The problem is he's such a classy guy I'm not sure we can lure him away from his alma mater.

Poor Josh Hull. He's trying to make it with the St. Louis Rams, and he has to put up with crap like this.

James Laurinaitis is one of four linebackers from Ohio State with the Rams. The others are: Bobby Carpenter, Na'il Diggs and Larry Grant.

Pity rookie linebacker Josh Hull, a seventh-round draft pick out of Penn State.

The Ohio State linebackers have renamed Hull "Little Joe" after Penn State coach Joe Paterno and "Kitty Cat" after Penn State's Nittany Lion mascot.

"We always growl when he comes around," James Laurinaitis said. "I don't know if you've ever been to a Penn State game, but they have that sweet lion roar, so we like to imitate that whenever he comes around. That's the advantage of having four Ohio State guys on the team. You can kind of poke fun at him a little bit."

Bobby Carpenter? Isn't he the guy that just got shown the door in Dallas to make room for Sean Lee? Just sayin'.

Speaking of Ohio State, I think it's hilarious that Terrelle Pryor can't do an interview unless Jim Tressell is there to kick him under the table. He still gives us incoherent gems like this one.

Q: Can you imagine undermining your teammates and risk having a championship taken away by taking money like Reggie Bush did?

Pryor: It's dirty, you know? I wouldn't put myself in that position, first of all, because if it was found out I was hurting my team it would be like, "Damn he doesn't care about us a stitch enough to even chill out."

What did he say? Can someone translate this for me? Yeah. I'm really sad we missed out on getting him.

I'm still on the fence about the Big Ten going to nine conference games. But The Rivalry Esq. actually has a pretty good proposal for how a nine game conference schedule would work. They also have a pretty good read on Beaver Stadium.

What's this? An SEC team oversigns players and ruthlessly cuts them?

"I got called to coach Miles' office. I had no idea it was coming," Porter said of his being asked by LSU to 'grayshirt' this season and re-enroll next year. "He just told me that they didn't have room for me. I moved out of my dorm today and I am now back home trying to figure everything out. It's been a rough 24 hours."

Porter has received a release from LSU and is free to go to any school he chooses. In order to be eligible somewhere else, Porter has to win an appeal. "I have to win a waiver, but it shouldn't be a problem," Porter said. "It's unfair how they told me at the last minute."

Wow. I'm shocked. SHOCKED I say!