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Nitt Links Thinks 101,000 Is Par For The Course

Temple pulled out the OT win last night 13-10 against Directional Michigan, hopefully you still have that game circled on your calender since well...we know that'll be tough one...I won't curse us, but you get the drift.

At this point in the week the AP isn't even pretending to have news to republish. I can see the writers sitting in the press room going..."Uh..Bear Bryant zombies fighting Joe Paterno?...I guess that would be a cool story..print it"

Can you imagine the cover of that article...look like this

Don't worry though, we're not going to let a little repetitive journalism get in our way...or Zombies.

---Hot Topics---

Huddle Up - Penn State vs Alabama

A nice video (I say that so smoothly like you won't notice it's 30mins long) of Steve Jones going over last week/this week with all sorts of the usual suspects. You know you have to be an FOS member to read their predictions? If I'm going to pay for that sort of thing, I want you to read my palms too.

Julio Jones is tough to tackle | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/09/2010

OOh lawds...

Meet Julio Jones, a 6-foot-4, 222-pound wide receiver for Alabama who can either run over you or run past you, who can block ends and linebackers as easily as he can neutralize a defensive back, and who made an incredible one-handed catch last week that he merely called "in my top five."

Capstone Report " Saban: Don’t boo Penn State

..don't boo...but Hammer Spammer..or whatever it is..

---Best Of The Rest---

Joe Paterno should receive 'loudest ovation ever' at Bryant-Denny Stadium

After which he'll fight the Bryant Zombie to the death before the coin toss.

Saban, Paterno square off again |

A look at the 5 JoePa vs Saban previous matchups. Next up...UFC 121

PSU sees similarities between Alabama, Iowa - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

They both like corn? or that's what coach told us--Evan Royster