Welcome To The Delusional Thread WoOt!!1!

For months we've been hearing all about how Penn State has no chance against Alabama tomorrow. It has been drilled into our heads so often, that I venture to say 95% of Penn State fans believe it. Frankly, I'm tired of it. The message boards are no fun to read. I'm tired of cocky Alabama fans coming into our house telling us how their farts smell like roses. So let's have some fun with a 100% delusionally positive thread. Here are the rules.

1. No predicting a Penn State loss

2. No calling someone delusional (because that's kind of the point of this thread)

3. No Alabama fans allowed, unless you come to tell us you're scared to death the Crimson Tide are going to blow it.

4. Be as crazy as you want to be. Any and all excuses accepted.

Failure to follow these rules may result in your comments being deleted. (In this thread only.)

So go ahead and convince me Penn State is going to win.

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