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Nitt Links Is Looking Ahead

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 @rbolden1 One game is nothing.. we have 10 games left to make due.. take the L and learn from it

That quote above is from Bolden's twitter account about 2 hours after the game. I know he'll have bumps in the road, but I love this kid. At some point in the first quarter I was looking at him and he just didn't seem to care who he was playing. Not in a bad way. In the way that real leaders, and real big time players don't care. He might not get it all right just yet, but he gives you that feeling that if he plays here for a full 4 years he has serious potential.

Anyway, we've touched on most of the major details already so for right now we're going to get a short and sweet link dump going today. We'll put up the rest of the blogosphere's reactions Monday as most people haven't thrown up an in depth review. With the NFL starting up today you're going to be busy, so look forward to the analysis once you hit the desk Monday morning.

Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Alabama Crimson Tide - Box Score

Somebody isn't convinced

Ivan Maisel Talking About Things Related To The Game

I Still Love Blair Brown

Check back on Monday for a much more in depth look at this weekend, enjoy the first real day of the NFL, and remember that 1-1 is just a step closer to 12-1.