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Nitt Links Is Excited For Hockey

Ok, it's been 24+ hours. We lost to Alabama, yea it sucked, but we've got a lot of games left to go. I'll put up the blogosphere's responses to the game so you can see what everybody else thought, but from a Nitt Link's standpoint we'll move on to Kent State.

Ok timeout though...Penn State hockey as early as friday? I can't express the level of excitment that I have about this. We're talking Billy Mays levels. That's somewhere between Shamwow and Oxyclean excitment.

 ---Hot Topics---

Blog reactions, as always without comment. We don't make fun of our own. ::Review: Alabama 24, Penn State 3

Penn State-Alabama Review

The Hangover: Alabama 24, Penn State 3 | NittanyWhiteOut


And The People Went "YEAAAA"
Multiple sources in college and junior hockey, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the plan; one source told INCH that the university will make a formal announcement this Friday. A Penn State spokesperson late last week declined to comment on the matter.

---Best Of The Rest---

Red-zone turnovers burn Penn State


Trip to Tuscaloosa can't get Bear off Paterno's back

I would love to see Joe fight a bear.

Budget not helping Gophers win games |

First you lose, then you can't make money...but you have a nice stadium, that's a plus..


That's all we've got for today, I'm writing this at 3:30am, because that seemed like a good idea..don't ask.

Have a great week guys.