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Nitt Links Thinks A Golden Flash Doesn't Sound Legal

Have you ever looked through the names of schools and wondered where exactly they came up with them? Don't have any odd college names off hand. No worries, slow news days equal, trivial pursuit days here at BSD.Here are your top 6 random college mascots/names.

Bananas - The Black Bear mascot of the University of Maine

Thundercat - the physical embodiment of the Southern Nazarene

The Stag — the costumed mascot of Fairfield University.

Skitch- Sasquatch (Bigfoot) mascot of Community Colleges of Spokane

Ranger D. Bear - the mascot for University of Wisconsin–Parkside

The Highlander — the costumed mascot of Radford University

Ok, just remember those and someday you might need to know them.


---Hot Topics---

Penn State Falls To Alabama 24-3 - SB Nation Pittsburgh

This missed the cut by mistake yesterday so we'll sneak it in here.

Penn State Hot List for Kent State |

Bob Flounders doing Bob Flounders sorts of things. That being said he doesn't flame anybody nearly as bad as Dave Jones did. I don't mind being critical, but you've got to at least talk about the game like you watched it, Dave Jones may as well have copied and pasted his token "Post-game-loss" article.

Red-dy for more playing time:

Flounders again, he was busy yesterday. That being said I'm all for the Christmas Backfield--Redd, Green and Royster Claus.

---Best Of The Rest--- Torrent: Penn State at Alabama

If you want to download the game, go for it. I'm doing it right now, for reasons I'll share with you later this week. Everybody likes suprises.

Youtube History Lesson

Penn State Football 1986: Joe Paterno reflects on national championship season

Penn State Football 1986: Penn State National Championship Celebration

Penn State Football 1986: Team Visits White House

Penn State Football 1986: Seniors Honored

That ought to keep you busy for a while. Have a good day and remember, one less day til gameday.