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Nitt Links Bob Flounders Is A Busy Man

Not knocking our man Bob, but he is writing like Penn Live is going to fire him if he doesn't put out some content. I feel like we should have a BSD telethon and raise some money for him while we get people to read his articles out loud in a slam poetry fashion. I can see it now-


QB14/he hits the field like Ron Artest hitting the stands/ you want to watch it happen/ but you know whatever happens it won't go well/ it's three and out again/but somehow the defense keeps you in the game/ it isn't fair/ how can they not play this Clark kid?/ maybe Devlin/ at least I can spell his name/ how much time is left?/ 10mins/ don't worry we can throw a few pick 6's/ I can't wait untill basketball season/ trust me that's saying something/ Talor Battle/ God/ if he only played quarterback./9-4

See what you do to me? Anyway, let's get to the news and hope I still have a job here once Mike reads that.

---Hot Topics---

Time for some of Penn State's players to play better

One of the deepest bits of analysis I've read.

Kent St.-Penn St. Preview -

Nice write up about the game, full of pictures and colors to look at too.

Dave Witvoet, the ultimate in Big Ten refs |

I saw a post somewhere in which Dave Witvoet was referred to as "the Ed Hightower of Big Ten football." Could not have put it better myself.  

Penn State Athletes Honored at White House

You win 109 straight games of chess let alone volleyball and you better get some time with Obama.

---Best Of The Rest---

Entrance video for Kent State Football

100 BSD points to anybody who can figure out where they've heard this song before--answer up tomorrow

Michigan Star Denard Robinson Not About to Lace 'em Up

Good article about a lot of things.

Hey that's OFFSIDES!

I downloaded the game yesterday mostly to grab a screen cap of this play. This was taken the exact second the ball was snapped. Why does this matter you ask? In about 5 seconds all hell is going to break loose and a triple-fumble-clusterpryor will unfold. I'm not at all suggesting this call being missed would have changed the game. It still makes me want to smack my head against the wall.