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Nitt Links Is Ready For Hockey Night In State College

Ok, raise your hand if you're excited. Maybe hockey isn't your thing. Some people, for whatever reason, just can't get into hockey, but either way Penn State adding a major sport is pretty epic. I for one will be purchasing season tickets as soon as I can. For those of you interesting in the press conference, it'll be streaming somewhere on the Big Ten Networks website, so be sure to catch some Penn State history in action.

As far as the rest of that stuff. We'll deal with that when it becomes news. Until then lets leave it alone.

---Hot Topics---

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Hey, if we're allowed to have hope then so are they.

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Somebody should suggest we're "NFL-U" I'm sure that'll go over well.

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Sometimes we make fun of PennLive for writing in choppy sentences. No fear though, these guys have the 3 point font figured out. You get your bang for your buck in this article.

---Best Of The Rest---

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Bob Flounders going off with the caps locks.

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Friday night Big Ten hockey would be the best thing, some people have said Big Ten Network, others have said Versus. I don't care what station it's on, I just need to watch it.

That's all for now. Enjoy the start of a new era in Penn State sports.