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Nitt Links Has You Covered Like Derrick Thomas

Another day another Nitt Links. Hope you had a good weekend, lots of great games and great weather to go with it. Penn State may have played a rather ho-hum game, but a W is a W, guess that means I have to like it. Story of the weekend would be the TV turned off on us at the bar with 4 minutes left in the Iowa game. I know Captain America wasn't going to get it done, but I was hoping. Either way you can't turn the TV off with less than 5 minutes left, lord knows I would have wondered how the Eagles managed to blow that lead in the 4th quarter yesterday. It is safe to say however the entire state of PA will be practicing onside kicks today.

---Question Of The Day---

In terms of punting, Anthony Fera hasn't shown us anything special. That being said, he blasted a 50+ yarder out of the back of the endzone. Would you have rather seen him pin Kent State at the 5, or were you more happy to see could blast one? (This was a hot topic in my section for a good 10 minutes.)

 217 yards, 2 total TD 2 Int. 34 yards rushing

 235 yards, 2 total TD, 2 Int. 38 yards rushing

Which one is Bolden, and who's the other one? Not suggesting they're on the same level, but Bolden got a bad wrap this weekend a little bit. Just putting it into perspective, you can decide what it means.


This weeks challenge was to come up with an original title. Lets see how we did.

Nittany Lions Shut Out Kent State, 24-0

Penn State report card for Kent State game

Penn State/Kent State: Postgame Thoughts

Penn State–Kent State Review

Penn State 24, Kent State 0

---Hot Topics---

Big Ten looking at hockey conference

This is going to get beat to death, it's not even funny. So here you go, article one of 1,039,749.

Women's Volleyball Wins, Again

They had a really good crowd for their match Friday. I wish the university did more for that program. Not in regards to money, but once Penn State starts traveling to Nebraska you'll get to see how crazy a volleyball match can be. You lose 1 game in 3 years you should get at leasta free bobblehead.

College Hockey News- Penn State: Hope and Fear

You know you've got something when a college hockey blog from outside the Big Ten makes fun of DeChellis.

---Best Of The Rest---

UConn vs Temple: A black screen and a crummy day for UConn football

They do this in the HUB sometimes in the movie theater. If you're ever around check it out. Although the screen usually stays on.


A lot of people have asked about a new song the Blue Band is playing. Besides Poker Face, this is the new song. So now you know.

Make it a good day today.