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Nitt Links Needs A Word Bank

 When I signed up for this job I never thought of how hard it was going to be thinking of a new title each day. Finding news is easy, and pretending to be funny enough for you read through this isn't as hard as you might think. But let me tell you, thinking up names is clusterpryor. I'm like Les Miles back here trying to manage the game, it just doesn't go your way sometimes. I hope I don't have trouble naming my kids..."uhh...lets name him..Tank"

Small PSA, if you're a student and you like basketball come out to the BJC tonight at 7. We're having the first Nittany Nation meeting, hang out with the players, and get to eat free pizza. You know the drill. Show up, please.

Anyway, like I said we've got more hockey for you, a really good write up though so take the time to check it out. Other than that it's more of the same.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State Hockey And NCAA Expansion - From The Rink

Penn State's arrival to Division I Hockey has the potential to wreck the landscape. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Penn State University Official Athletic Site - Football

We don't give the university enough credit. Don't leave these guys hanging, they work hard to get as many ads as possible on the side of your browser.

PSU backup running back Green has a little more proving to do - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

I have to say on the outside I agree with this. Green is showing speed and the ability to make something out of nothing, that being said nobody knows what will happen if he starts carrying the ball 20-25 times a game. While it's weird watching 3 guys in the backfield, if one of them was getting 167 yards and 2 TDs, you'd take it. The YPC is a bit low, but I like the running back by committee formula.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ohio Versus Ohio State Mascot Fight: A Blow By Blow - From Our Editors -

I know you can't let that sort of thing slide, that being's pretty classic.

A daunting task looms : The Temple News

I don't expect Penn State to lose, but I do expect Temple to play a solid game.

Penn State promotes hockey coach

This was expected, but now it's for real.

That's all for now, got an 8 Am volleyball class. Can't tell you how hyped that makes me. Now only if Blair Brown was in my class...