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Nitt Links Never Thought Of Bolden As A Skateboarder

Its official.. I am going to buy me a long board. tried it today.. I was killing it n the middle of the street--Rob Bolden (via twitter)

Good Lord, last thing I want to hear is Bolden broke his arm trying to kickflip over the stairs.

---Hot Topics---

Shawney Kersey may be on the way out at Penn State

This sort of thing was bound to happen. Penn State has 537 wideouts. Somebody was going to get tired of not playing. I think this is a large part of why the recruiting effort hasn't been all-out this year. Penn State has limited offers, and limited space. Getting a 5 star recruit isn't easy when your sales pitch is "Hey, come play at Penn State, there are only 4 guys as good as you already on the roster." It'll need to be addressed in the future, but right now we can probably keep our pants on.

Paterno toughens up Penn St. practice -

I think Joe knows how much talent this team has. Some of it is getting their act together, and some of it is Joe knowing he doesn't have very many shots at the big one left...or maybe the team is riding the strugglebus. I like to think it's not that though.

Bolden still learning how to play QB

Glad that Jay told Bolden not to run as often. I love seeing big runs, but he got rocked after a few of those runs. Last thing we need is a broken RoBo.

"He's not Mike Robinson," Jay Paterno said, laughing. "Stop watching those YouTube clips of Mike running people over."

---Best Of The Rest---

Temple prepares for Golden opportunity - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Every year I've been here, they've gotten tougher, tougher and tougher," Penn State fifth-year senior captain Ollie Ogbu said. "And they have that Philly bravado. They're tough guys, and they want to come in here and push us around because we're all 'high and mighty' Penn State"

Penn State's Sean Stanley gets last-second start, literally |

Penn State defensive end Sean Stanley didn't learn he would be starting until just moments before the defense took the field. That must be a pretty...scary thing to go through.