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Man That's A Good Player: Devon Smith


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RO*TEL is the unquestioned king of spicey smooth snacks, and this year no Penn State player has been as spicey smooth as Devon Smith. The 5'7", 157 pound pint-sized wide receiver was rarely used last season, but this year he has proven himself to be a capable weapon for the Nittany Lions.

Smith brings the spice with his blistering track speed, and his small stature allows him to cut on a dime and elude defenders. This combination of speed and evasiveness has allowed Penn State to utilize him in a number of ways.

In week one against Youngstown State, Smith showed some of his big play potential by hauling in a 27-yard pass and breaking a punt for 20 yards. Against No. 1 ranked Alabama Smith was the featured cog of the offense in the early going as Penn State moved him around in the backfield and sent him down field in the passing game. Smith caught a team high five passes for 47 yards against the Crimson Tide. Against Kent State last weekend, Smith broke out with his first career touchdown catch when he hauled in a 48-yard bomb from Robert Bolden in the fourth quarter. He also complimented his day with a nifty 16-yard punt return.

With Devon Smith's sure hands, elite speed, and shifty moves, Penn State has an offensive weapon that is going to keep Big Ten defensive coordinators awake at night for the next few years.

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