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Nitt Links Just Wants To Skip Friday

Friday, it's so close to gameday it isn't even fair. I remember back in 2005 when Ohio State came to town (I say that as if you don't know about that game) as somebody living in State College, that week took forever. I couldn't wait for the game to finally be here. I couldn't go to the game, but I watched on TV and when Penn State scored I would mute the tv and run to the door to listen to the stadium roar from my house. If you've never been away from the stadium on gameday  you should try it. It's just an amazing sound.

So here we are, another Friday away from gameday. Hope you saw SportsNation yesterday. I was right next to the broken dunk tank if you did, not that it would help you Id me, but I felt like sharing.

---Hot Links---

Long journey nearly complete for Penn State's Bani Gbadyu - The York Daily Record

A while back we touched on Bani's story. Just a reminder of why he's so easy to root for. We get caught up in the wins and losses and the coaching and the team. Sometimes we forget the beauty of college football is the story.

Small man, big effort from PSU's Smith - Sports - The Times-Tribune

Devon Smith isn't just fast. He can bench press 267 lbs. I wish that wasn't true so I could feel in shape. But it is..

Penn State's Bolden yet to be sacked

We knock on the o-line for good reason, but that stat still stands tall. Although, Bolden still gets the snot kicked out of him after a lot of passes. I would rather give up 5 sacks and not have him kicked around after the pass, but if he can take it I won't complain.

---Best Of The Rest---

Ron Musselman's Penn State football chat transcript: 9.23.2010

Questions, answers, and you witty imput. Enjoy.

Penn State knows these aren't your average Owls

They're Barn Owls, supposed to the more common Snowy owl.

Stadium Upgrades to Increase Wheelchair Seating

This is supposed to happen this offseason. I'm not sure what it'll look like, but you'll all be too busy fighting over your new seats to care. I think when they take down the old press boxes well gain the seating back so it's all good.

Go State, Beat the Owls.