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Lou Eliades Tears ACL - Likely Done For The Year

This is terrible news. Right tackle Lou Eliades has probably torn his ACL and will most likely miss the rest of his season.

Starting senior right tackle Lou Eliades suffered a serious, possibly season-ending, injury in PSU's 22-13 win over Temple Saturday at Beaver Stadium.

Lions head coach Joe Paterno acknowledged Eliades likely tore the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee on a play early in the third quarter. He was replaced by Chima Okoli.

"I'm almost sure he's got a torn ACL,'' Paterno said afterward, adding, Eliades is "probably out for the year.''

This is not what we wanted to hear just as Penn State is about to travel to Iowa to face Adrian Clayborn. Redshirt junior Chima Okoli filled in for Eliades after he left the game with the injury today. He seemed to do pretty well from what I noticed, but there's no doubt Penn State is going to miss a solid player like Eliades.