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Nitt Links Is Glad That Ended Ok

Well, it's not like we didn't warn you Temple was a solid team. Sure, Penn State has things they need to work on, but Temple put a fight and is probably the second best team in PA. (Those of you on twitter this is where I would insert a #Zing! or #Shotsfired) In the end, the team probably walked away from a close game having learned more than if they had blown Temple out. Whats a better tuneup to an Iowa game than playing from behind against a team that isn't letting you score at will? Would I have enjoyed a blowout? Yes. But a tight game might be better for these guys in the long haul.

Did some stat work last night and dug up a cool one. Take it for what it's worth, but it's at least a sign he's on the right track.

If Bolden passes for 177 yards against Iowa he'll be the fastest PSU quarterback to hit the 1000 yard mark in his first year starting since Robinson.

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Maybe this topic will finally die. Cory Giger David Jones will need somebody else to harp on now.

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Cool and random rolled into one.

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---Best Of The Rest---

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That's a boatload of links. Have a great monday folks.