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Nitt Links Didn't Know Brett Farve Was In State College

That's right kids, Shawney Kersey is back on campus. I'm sure showing up to practice after missing out on a week sat well with Joe. Hopefully things work out well for Kersey, I think we can all agree we want to see him play. I don't think this sort of thing should keep him out of the mix forever, but rest assured he'll be doing the Paterno's laundry for a few weeks.

Outside of that bitof moderately surprising news it's business as usual. Iowa is up next and Penn State is finally just not favored in the game rather than having to get upset. Last I checked the line opened at -7 which seems about right. Who knows how it'll change between now and gameday.

---Hot Topics---

Roles have reversed for Iowa, Penn State - Big Ten Blog

We'll be playing the role of Paris and Iowa will play Achilles. (Boom, literature reference)

He's baaaack: Penn State wideout Shawney Kersey returns to the practice field |

Hey naw, hey naw Ker-sey's back.

Giger: Red zone once again problem for PSU -

Now that Evan Royster is playing well the media moves on to the next crisis. Redzone offense is however an issue that needs to be addressed so I guess I have to let it slide.

---Best Of The Rest---

PSU safety Sukay aces coverage - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

That makes up for the 98 other times he rode the struggle bus.

YouTube - Penn State Basketball 2010

I know I all hate basketball. a fit of boredom I put this video together, and it doesn't suck. So if you have 1:48 seconds go for it.

Want real entertainment? Flip away from the Penn State football

Only good football is a high scoring explosive football.