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Joe Paterno Presser Highlights: Iowa

Tuesday, it was time for Joe Paterno to answer questions about why Iowa owns him. Here are your highlights. (transcript).

  • Explained that Chima Okoli is a better fit on the offensive line than the defensive line, but will probably have trouble against Iowa's solid defensive line.
  • Thinks Penn State is better on special teams this year than last year after changes the coaching staff implemented. Blamed parts of both losses in 2009 on the special teams, and recognized it as an area where the Nittany Lions had to improve in 2010.
  • Confirmed that Chaz Powell will stay of offense for the time being. Explained how it's more difficult for kids to play on both sides of the ball now than it was 20-25 years ago, and said Powell's offensive game is ahead of his defensive game, thus, he'll stay on the offensive side of the ball.
  • Said Penn State needs to get better in the red zone, but shouldn't get too cute in that area of the field where it can make mistakes.
  • Believes the Big Ten is going to be difficult this season, with Iowa and Ohio State as the class of the league.
  • Dismissed talk of playing Kevin Newsome and Matthew McGloin by saying game situations will dictate whether they get time or not.
  • Money line of the week: "And, again, I think there was a tendency to underestimate just how good a football team Temple is. Good football team. Big, lean, I didn't see any fat kids out there. They ran. They were good tacklers. So when we made that drive, I think that was important to some of those kids." I think he made the fat kid joke on Saturday post-game, too.
  • On Ricky Stanzi: "He doesn't give up a lot of yardage. And he's a good leader. And he's got guts. He takes a lot of chances. I like the kid. I think he's a heck of a player"
  • Tread carefully around the Shawney Kersey situation.
  • Believes the slow starts on defense in a couple of games, specifically Temple, were results of being surprised by the other team, and having to react to things that weren't expected.
  • Thinks late games can help a little in preparation.
  • Chima Okoli is Paterno's man at right tackle for the time being.