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Nitt Links Looks Forward To An Iowa Sized Bumblebee

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I love the day of a football game almost as much as the game itself. Nothing beats the hype and the anticipation. In a lot of ways it's why college football can be more exciting than the NFL. So while I want to make fun of Iowa for trying to turn their stadium into a giant bumblebee, I can't. Well, that's not true, but for this paragraph I'll let it go.

Now that I've hit the carriage return- Good luck with that one folks. Taking a page out of the Boise State book of "Colored T-Shirts, An Athletic Directors Guide To Making Your Home Games More Exciting" takes guts. I'll give you this, you didn't paint your field yellow..yet.

If you missed out on the Boise State situation click here.They've pretty much taken to making their stadium the worlds largest double rainbow ever. If you don't get the double rainbow reference click here. I'm pretty sure that's Rambler, but we'll figure that out later.

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