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Nitt Links--Enough Pregame Lets Do This Thing

--Just read this boxscore and laugh--

Are you ready? Gameday is less than 24 hours away. Let that one sit and breath. Gameday is less than 24 hours away. We've already had our fill of Ohio State and Alabama Kool aid, now it's time to show the nation what we have to offer. Before we dive into the links for the day I'd like to address the casual fan who is returning to "football season"

Hey, whats up? You've missed, shall we say, a whole lot of things. You've been spending most of the summer I imagine drinking your fancy drinks with umbrella tops. And while I don't blame you, since oranges and strawberries do go well together, I'm going to assume you haven't been checking Fight On State everyday. So let me break it to you slowly.

The Big Ten added another team. Yea, Nebraska is bringing more Corn to the party. Why? In short 12 teams lets the Big Ten have a Championship game. So that brings us to Part 2 of what you missed. The Big Ten split into 2 divisions. You can read more about it below.

Last bit of news? Hell has frozen over, Joe Paterno is starting Robert Bolden, a true freshman. You didn't see him at the Blue White Game? Yea, he wasn't in school here yet. Showed up in the summer for kicks and now he's starting...

If it's making your head hurt I don't blame you.

Rest of you

Friday Nitt Links are going to work a little differently than usual. You'll still get your links but we're going to prep you for the game, schedule, rosters, stats (after week 1), everything you'll need to inform anyone within earshot about the weeks game. Enough pep talks lets get to it.

Youngstown State Info

---Hot Topics---

Alabama to appeal Dareus suspension - SEC Blog - ESPN
Marcell Dareus is out for 2 games...and there was much rejoicing. That being said I'm sure his backup has as much talent as him (if not more) and would be starting in any other school in the country. Zing...shots fired.

Ohio State wins BCS, Terrelle Pryor wins Heisman, more 2010 picks - NCAA Football -
Check the Flop Team section. 4/7 pick PSU...nothing new though. ESPN isn't a Penn State fan. Frankly I would lock Craig James in a closet if I could, so I guess it's mutual.

Penn State fans pass on tickets for 2011 - News
For 60 years, Frank Fryburg has held season tickets to watch the Nittany Lions play football. Now Frank says...forget that, I'm going to Hooters.

---Best Of The Rest---

Bolden to start: 'Joe survives everything by changing and adapting' - - Altoona, PA | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - The Altoona Mirror
Joe Paterno is 83 years old, has 394 wins and is about to enter his 45th season as head coach, but never before has he done what he will do Saturday....unspeakable the link...lets just say you don't want to miss halftime.

The Associated Press: Penn St prez welcomes Nebraska crossover game
Our boy Graham does like him some red

That's all we've got for now. Enjoy the weekend, drive safe, and wear your Blue and White with pride. WE ARE!