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Nitt Links Thinks 108 Straight Is Pretty Legit

You know you've done a good job when you make David Jones backtrack and say his 6-6 prediction might be incorrect. 20-29, 239 yards, 2 Tds, 1 Int. You know the stats. Now we've got a week to combine faith in coaching and an understanding for our opponent to come out with a mix of respect and anticipation that allows us to honestly like our chances, but not disrespect the situation. Got that? Ok, cool.

Before we get to the that, lets see how the rest of the blogosphere took the Lion's beat-down of the Penguins. Monday's are going to work as a combination of recaps and the usual Nitt Links. Lets hop to it.


(If you blog on a regular basis and review the games be sure to let us know, I just did a quick run down of the blogroll, if you want some credit for your work let us know. The more viewpoints the better)

I'm going to leave sarcastic comments out of this section. Not going to knock our fellow bloggers.

Penn State-Youngstown State Player Interviews | NittanyWhiteOut

Penn State–Youngstown State Review | Victory Bell Rings :: Review: Penn State 44, Youngstown St 14

The Lion's Den: PSU Powers Past Penguins

--Hot Topics---

PSU's focus turns to No. 1 Alabama |

Go ahead and write Penn State off already. I understand why you would. I think this team has 60mins of upset minded football in them though. We are...

PSU volleyball streaks keep going - Center Daily Times

If you win 108 games in a row I'll give you some love.

The Associated Press: No. 1 Alabama rolls past San Jose State, 48-3

Rumor has it Jesus Tim Tebow gave a halftime speech to the already God-like defense of Alabama.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State: Penn State's quarterback decision two years in the making -

Story time-- About a third of the way into the game I yelled to one of my friends within earshot.."Hey, where is that Devlin kid?" This question apparently offended my fellow classmates who responded 3 times to " He left Penn State and went to Delaware" Now I bad.

WDEL 1150AM - Devlin throws for three as UD whips WCU

I'm only posting this to catch up with our man Pat. He's making a name for himself which is all anybody should ask for. I'm positive this will lead to some sort of epic 2 year Devlin, Newsom, Clark battle.

Coaches opposed to Big Ten divisions - ESPN

This is two days old, but it's a nice take on what will happen to Big Ten basketball post Big Ten Division-ClusterPryor

Thats all for today. More will be out tomorrow after everybody and their brother is done copying AP articles reviewing the game and pretending thats the same thing as writing their own peice.Zing..