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Nitt Links Thinks Beaver Stadium Could Be Bigger Too

---Talking Point---

If you watched the Boise State-VT game last night you got to see quite the game. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did and found a way to stomach the halftime show.

I understand why people get upset that Boise State has an easy road to the National Championship Game. In Boise State defense though It isn't like they make it to a big game and get stomped, these guys will give any team in the country issues. Is it a little unfair? Yea...but..USC had to march through a tough Pac-10 all  those years right?

If college football wants the right teams to make it to the title they need a playoff. Boise State isn't ruining football, the BCS is ruining football by making it a business first.

---Hot Topics---

Lots of news is starting to hit the wire as we get closer to gameday, Bleacher Report is losing it's mind and everybody and their brother wants to give you their two cents. I waded through the slop and came out with some real news.

Alabama will not appeal Marcell Dareus' two game suspension

As somebody said earlier-- If Marcell Dareus played for Penn State--NCAA puts Dareus out for 2 weeks, Joe says "Ok, but he's going to sit out all year"

Forget SJSU, Bring on Penn State - Roll 'Bama Roll

I didn't always like Bama fans. I'll admit it. Some of them rubbed me the wrong way with their constant SEC gospel. The more I've read Roll Bama Roll though I've gained a lot of respect for a very rich traditional fanbase. Alabama and Penn State aren't that different in their core and it's made me appreciate the series that we're starting this year even more.

As the Penn State QB world turns: Rob Bolden's play may force one out the door |
Paul Jones= Pat Devlin 2.0

---Best Of The Rest---


Penn State's special teams off to hot start

If you hadn't noticed.

What could've been

Nike has been making all of those fancy jersey's. This would have been Penn State's version.

Beaver Stadium North Egress & ADA Seating

Have fun guessing what that all means. I do know that Penn State wants to rebuild the West Boxes, but this is taking place in the North Endzone so your guess is as good as mine.