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Nitt Links--If Lane Kiffin Can Hold Bama To 12 Points At Home..

I swear there are 2 types of articles about this game. The ones that talk about the SEC, and the ones that talk about Paterno and Bryant. I want to do a search through the news just one day this week and have a major publication talk about something else..anything. It's Wednesday and they're already recycling.

If you're looking for a new angle on the game that doesn't involve AP articles I strongly suggest you check out the Alabama message board over on While they have their full army of trolls like the rest of us, a lot of those guys know the team in a way the media doesn't cover. Just a quick run through the threads and you can see a few things your average Alabama fan is worried about. Nothing helps the day start better than a dash of hope, and sometimes viewing the game from the other side is very insightful. Just last week the Youngstown State beat writer told Penn Live that he wouldn't be surprised if we had a close game at halftime. He was right. While I'm not claiming message boards to be some sort of Nostradamus, it's in the very least a change of pace.

---Hot Topics---

Richardson hasn't given up on chance of Ingram playing

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that Ingram would rush back from his rehab to play. While I'm sure he doesn't want Alabama to lose and would much rather be playing he has his future to take care of. If I was him I wouldn't play , and I'm not just saying that.

Penn State not intimidated by defending national champs - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

I love the attitude this team has going into the game. I honestly think these guys are going to put up a better fight than a lot of Penn State fans are giving them credit for. This Alabama team isn't the 2008 USC team we played.We've got the players to get it done, and the skill to do it. Just up to execution now.

QB to face Alabama pressure - The Daily Collegian Online
Poise. Our boy has it.

---Best Of The Rest---

Tide notes: Sprained ankles slow Upshaw, Fluker, but probably just for a day |

They should be good to go, but in the spirit of filling your brain with all the news you can read I'm filling you in.

Alabama's Saban says Bolden and Penn State impressive | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/07/2010

There's that "Poise" word again.

Big Ten mailblog

People want to know if we'll be ranked if we lose to Bama. I don't see why not. Losing to  the #1 team, on the road, doesn't usually kill your ranking. Pick up wins against Kent State and Temple and you're well on your way to the Top 25. Even more so since 20-25 are usually pretty unstable anyway.

---Numbers To Chew On---

5 teams held Bama under 30 points last year, 2 of them were unranked. The same LSU team Penn State beat managed that feat. And yes...Tennessee held Bama to 12 points at home.

Only a few more days. Go out and have confidence in these kids. Winning is an attitude as much as anything else. Maybe we won't win, but lets not say game over before we play. Penn Staters don't work that way. We Are..