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Nitt Links Is Drinking The Kool Aid

The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.--Joe Paterno

This season is going to feel so ho-hum after this game. I mean, I'm going to go from a week of reading 400 articles about the SEC to not going over Kent State's roster until Thursday night. I think I'll manage, but this week feels like a bowl game more than anything else.

Today's special is a meal of hope served with a side of Cory Giger punching you in the throat.

---Hot Topics---

Rest assured, Nittany Lions will be ready |

This is the main course of hope. If you're on the edge of picking the Lions to pull of the upset this might push you the rest of the way.

The RBR Radio Hour(ish) Is Upon Us! - Roll 'Bama Roll

Mike got a chance to sit in on their Podcast. Apparently Penn State doesn't use the spread.

ALABAMA NOTEBOOK: McElroy speaks in tongues over Jones' catch

Alabama linebacker Dont'a Hightower gives a grin when asked if Penn State deserves the Linebacker U reputation.

"No comment," Hightower said.

---Best Of The Rest---

Giger: Now comes real test for Bolden

Starting Saturday -- when he's likely to struggle big time at No. 1 Alabama -- the universal praise bestowed upon Bolden so far will be a thing of the past.

I like Cory Giger, he's a smart guy, but over the past 3 days he's spent his time tweeting about Evan Roysterbeing slow, fat, and lacking drive to succeed. To top it all off he spent time on his radio show talking about how people shouldn't be bashing Royster. I understand we all feel the need to put in our two cents, but you've got to at least stick to your guns. Or not talk at all, that's cool too.

Bolden's uncle rolls with Tide - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Don McNeal, a former Alabama cornerback and a great-uncle to PSU quarterback Rob Bolden, will be rooting for the Tide on Saturday.

State College, PA - Penn State Football: Say It Ain't So, JoePa
Even if you’re Joe Paterno, who has been head coach for 527 games at Penn State, you can still learn something new at 83 years and nine months.

Joe Pa vs The Bear–Watch Online

If you missed the BTN show about Joe and Bryant check it out here.

Almost gameday. Hang in there.