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Nitt Picks Is Poised

Alabama coach Nick Saban is impressed by Penn State freshman quarterback Robert Bolden, and had some positive words for the frosh yesterday.

"He played really well," Saban said. "You would never know he was a freshman, that's for sure. He has a very good arm and is very accurate. He had a lot of poise.

"They didn't have any game-management issues, fumbled snaps, delay of games. The guy hard-counts like a veteran and draws the other team offside.

"He didn't make any bad decisions, stood in the pocket, took a couple of licks and completed balls. It is hard to believe that the guy is a freshman."

Looks like the word "poise" is the new buzz word in college football, as it's being used to describe seemingly everyone these days.

As Stefen Wisniewski points out in the article, Alabama is an entirely different animal from Beaver Stadium. If Robo (That's right, I'm on that bandwagon) can keep himself composed when things get hairy against the Tide, then we'll know we've got a special guy on our hands, but let's no carried away over the Youngstown State game.

I keep thinking back to Daryll Clark's performance in the Rose Bowl. He didn't look very good, neither did the team, but while the Trojans were dancing on the sideline, Clark was leading Penn State down the field and nearly pulled the Lions to within seven in the final minutes. He kept playing. Kept fighting. Kept trying.

Don't look at Bolden's stat line.  Look at how he carries himself, win or lose, and you'll know if he's just another young quarterback, or the future leader we all hope he is.


Penn State cornerback D'Anton Lynn has seen something familiar in preparing for Alabama.

"They're similar to Iowa," the Penn State cornerback said. "They really don't do anything fancy. They don't have a fancy offense. They keep it pretty basic. They just pound the ball, really good play-action pass. They just don't make mistakes." that good news or bad news for the Penn State defense?

On one hand, the Lions never seem to come unglued defensively against Iowa. They almost always keep the Hawkeyes in the 20s and always keep the team in the game. On the other, with no real identity on offense, a score in the 20s could be plenty for the Tide to win. I guess we'll see.

Underdog Role

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg says Penn State players are embracing the underdog role this week.

After Joe Paterno used the word "outmanned" to describe State's situation on Tuesday, Ollie Ogbu brought the pith

They play a lot of multiple sets of tight ends and linemen, so technically we're going to be outmanned."

O that Ogbu, what a card. Good to see the players are keeping a sense of humor about it all, but Stefen Wisniewski is seeing a lot of focus, too.

Wisniewski called the Alabama matchup the biggest game he's been a part of at Penn State. And he's started in the Rose Bowl.

According to Wisniewski, Penn State's intensity level in practice "has picked up noticeably" this week.

Here's hoping that intensity includes the guys on the offensive line. That group has to step up this week, especially the guys at left guard.

JayPa and the Bear

Jay Paterno pens a fine column for State today recalling a letter he once received from Paul Bear Bryant.

Dear Jay,

Unfortunately when I was in school I did not do much reading in the Library. This may be the reason I have such a difficult time now in more ways than one.

I do highly recommend that students go to the Library and fully cooperate with the Librarians. Wish I had not just sat there looking at a book and thinking about football.

Give my best to your father. Hope he is having a very pleasant spring.


Paul W. Bryant

Jay also said in the article that Bryant always wanted to come watch a Penn State practice and football game once he retired. Shame we never got the chance to host the Bear for a weekend.

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