I Don't Want To Live Like This

Let me start by saying I only saw the FIRST half of the game and this is how I felt after watching it. (I left to tailgate and go to the Winter Classic.) McGloin's performance in the first half got me to thinking "this guy is hit or miss and it seems more miss than hit". I thought he was terrible in the first half and should've been picked several times. I just kept saying to myself "they've gotta get this guy outta here".

Well, evidently the 2nd half was much worse. I was never all Lady Ga-Ga over McGloin. Do I think he "saved" the season? Yes, and I'm grateful to him for that. But he's simply overmatched against real D1 teams. I don't see much zip on his passes.

I'm in a rush for church. In short I don't want him to be PSU's starting qb. I don't want every pass to be either a long bomb or pick or near pick. I don't want to live like this.

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