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Joe Paterno Presser Highlights - End Of Year Press Conference

Joe Paterno addressed the media in Tampa one final time for the 2010 season on Sunday morning, and Lions 24/7 has the transcript of the event. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Called the season "rewarding" though acknowledged the team had moments where he thought it was disappointing. Cited the team's youth and inexperience at some positions, notably quarterback, for some of the struggles.
  • Chaz Powell had a "problem" during the Outback Bowl that kept him out. Paterno chose to comment no further.
  • Expressed disappointment with his quarterbacks' play at times this season, but on the whole, believed they had a good year given their experience. Also noted that in hindsight, he wishes he had played Robert Bolden a little bit more, but on the whole, believes the situation was handled appropriately.
  • Said the team spent a lot of time on the kicking game and was upset that the block in the Outback Bowl happened despite it all.
  • On the Outback Bowl experience: "I thought overall, yesterday was a good experience. The practice sessions were good experiences that I think will help us for next year. How much? It depends on whether the leadership comes in the winter program and spring practice. I don't know whether we've made some progress."
  • On the Pitt situation and Tom Bradley: "Well, if they ask me, I'll tell them. I think Tommy is a fine coach. He's got good strong city of Pittsburgh contacts. He has a brother who is an orthopedic surgeon and the head surgeon for the Steelers and the whole bit, so I thin that Tommy should be a very, very prominent person as a possibility. The athletic director's job these days is a little different. Some of you guys have heard me make that speech. Ben Schwartzwalder, Lord have mercy on him, he used to say, 'Hey, an athletic director can fire one football coach. He can't fire two. The second one, he's gone.' I mean, that was the old... things have changed. A lot of these guys have never even played football who are making decisions. They're letting too many people outside of the organization have that kind of impact. I think Tommy is and should be a very, very strong candidate. I have not talked to him about Temple. I said something to him and he said Ehhh... I think... Tommy has done a good job. I think he's a good recruiter, a good coach, he's organized, and I think he certainly deserves consideration."
  • Would like to look at tape and talk to some of the coaches before commenting on the quarterback situation moving into next season. Says the staff will be focusing on recruiting in the near term, though.
  • Called Derek Moye a "good, solid football player."
  • Told the group that he never sleeps after games, and didn't Saturday night.
  • On handling questions from recruits about his future: "I don't get the question. They may ask the assistant coaches, I don't know, but I just tell them, Hey, what you're looking at is what you're going to get, and the program is going to be here. Nobody can predict what... would you have predicted what happened at Pitt? All right? There's no guarantee on anything, but I intend to be here and I intend to work hard at the recruiting,"
  • Has Tim Curley or Dr. Spanier at any point inquired about the possibility of a succession [No.] like they had at Florida [No.] State [No.] or anything like that.

    "No. OK? Geez."

    • Says Penn State needs better depth at some positions, but didn't want to comment on which ones for
    • Believes Penn State might have one or two juniors leave for the NFL.
    • In regards to how Penn State handles players accepting benefits as they did at Ohio State, Paterno says players sign a sheet with the rules and that that is as far as the coaches pursue things. Believes there has to be an element of trust in the situation.

    On Ohio State:

    I don't even know what the Ohio State kids are being blamed for. The only I think I know about is they're blaming Pryor for getting tattoos."

    In exchange for a tattoo they give them an autographed whatever, football…

    "Ah, for God's sakes. Maybe we'll get [Dave] Jonesy tattooed, right across [the face]."

    • Believes the defense wasn't as good as it could have been, but noted the defense's injuries throughout much of the year as a reason things might have been disappointing. 
    • Hopes Nick Sukay will be ready for spring practice.
    • Stephfon Green injured his ankle in the Outback Bowl.
    • Talked about some of the obstacles with the schedule, facing Alabama, Iowa and Ohio State on the road and Michigan and Ohio State with open dates before playing Penn State and believed they were difficult to deal with considering how young the team before expressing disappointment with the Illinois loss.