Joe Pushing Bradley Out The Door???

Not really, but the PG is reporting Joe is saying Bradley should be seriously considered for the Pitt job (cue the Fugi meltdown). This is weird though because I can't recall ever really publicly pushing any of his guys, especially his righthand man, for a job.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno said today that Pitt should consider hiring Tom Bradley, his long-time defensive coordinator, as its new head coach.

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Smizik is on it as well.

Tom Bradley, the long-time and highly regarded Penn State assistant coach has gone from off the list of candidates to be Pitt's next coach to -- it would seem -- near the top.

Although Bradley was not granted an interview when the job first opened, and was briefly filled by Michael Haywood, his candidacy -- now that the job has reopened following the firing of Haywood -- is getting a boost not only from Penn State coach Joe Paterno but from, of all people, Pitt athletic director Steve Pederson.

In Paul Zeise's Redshirt Diary blog at, Pederson said, Bradley would be a ``very strong and very attractive candidate.''

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