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Rob Bolden Reportedly Seeking A Transfer

Throughout the second half of the season as Matt McGloin began to struggle, the calls for Robert Bolden to get in the game got louder and louder. Yesterday they reached a fever pitch during the Outback Bowl when McGloin threw five interceptions and had a horrible day against the Florida Gators in a 37-24 loss.

Apparently Bolden also felt he should have been in the game too, and he's pretty frustrated about it. Today there are reports from his dad that Rob Bolden will be seeking to transfer from Penn State.

"Ït's true, he's looking to leave Penn State,"said Robert Bolden, Sr. on Sunday afternoon. "He's notified the coaches, that's as far as it's gone so far. We're waiting on the next step now."

Bolden did not play in the Nittany Lions' New Year's Day Bowl loss to Florida, in which starter Matt McGloin threw five interceptions.

So far, according to Bolden, Sr., nothing has been made official, but Bolden would like to find a new home for the spring semester.

"They're not looking for him to leave, they don't want him to leave, but he no longer wants to play at Penn State. He's not happy at Penn State currently. If it was up to me, he definitely [would leave], without a doubt. He's definitely made it known that he does not want to be there anymore."

And then we also had this from David Jones today.

Very knowledgable sources within the Penn State program said Bolden's father Robert was extremely displeased after the game and was indicating to friends that his son's transfer out of PSU was likely. I followed that lead and spent Saturday night and much of Sunday trying to contact Mr. Bolden to no avail.

So there it is. Rob Bolden is not happy at Penn State. His father is not pleased with Penn State. Sometimes these things work themselves out and cooler heads prevail. The hours immediately after a disappointing loss is not the time to make a decision of this magnitude. Maybe Rob and his father will meet with Paterno and the coaches and see that he's still in a very good position here.

Bolden grabbed the starting quarterback job almost the moment he walked on campus. He suffered an unfortunate injury that forced him to sit, and Matt McGloin came in off the bench to give the team a spark. But as the season wore on, McGloins spark fizzled.

Bolden has the tools to compete and star at Penn State. He just needs time to learn the playbook and build a comfort level with his teammates. This spring was supposed to give him that opportunity, and I am quite confident if he sticks it out he will be the starting quarterback next fall.

Nothing is official yet, but things aren't looking good right now. Commence uncontrollable panic if you wish.