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Rasslin Tape-Delay Dead Thread: Penn State Pwned by Iowa Yet Again

While the wrestling meet actually took place at 2p today at Rec Hall, before a standing-room-only 6600+, the Big Ten Network will be airing the replay tonight at 9:30p.  I actually tried for a few hours to remain in the dark about the result heading into the broadcast, but it was hopeless, much like the dual win became after Iowa jumped out to 12-0 lead after three matches.  About 5 o'clock I started tuning in to the results and plodded thickly through the morass of the liveblogs.  Brutal.  So, with the end in sight, let's tune in to the beginning.  Based on the live commentariat I sampled, here are a few things I'll be watching for:

- as always, Brands (on the sideline or on the mat)

- Long/Ramos, the whole thing

- handshakes, especially in the 157 match

- Alton/Marion, the whole thing

- head slaps and eye gouges

- commentators' opinions on Cael deciding to burn Nate Morgan's redshirt and send him out vs. returning national champ McDonough, instead of sending Eric Caschera.