Bradley NEVER Offered the Coaching Job at Pitt

WTAE's report was wrong. Unless Pederson is lying (and who knows with that jerk) there is no way Bradley was ever offered the Pitt job. Read it for yourself here, but be forewarned....the Post Gazette a couple of years ago switched to a very annoying "Mr." style of writing.

Here is an excerpt:

This information blows out of the water the report yesterday by WTAE that Tom Bradley will be named coach. Bradley might be the next Pitt coach but there's no way WTAE could have known that yesterday.

On this same subject, it's just crazy the way practically everybody in the Pgh area (except Pitt officially) is clamoring for Bradley to be the next coach. I even heard a radio commercial today for a car dealership (Jim Shorkey....Bill Hillgrove, voice of the Panthers and Steelers does these ads with the owner's daughter Katie Shorkey) where at the end of it the girl from the dealership said, "One more thing, Bill. Tom Bradley should be the next coach at Pitt." My gosh....I can't believe they wasted advertising money with that!

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