Pitt Coaching Search Officially Hits Elite Status

Per the Post Gazette Pitt interviewed Bud Foster of VIRGINIA TECH today, which automatically vaulted their search into the elite status.

Also, the PG is reporting that they seem to be pretty enthused right now with Todd Graham. See below excerpt from Smizik's blog:

Todd Graham, 46, who has head coaching stints at Rice (14-12) and Tulsa (36-17, including 10-3 this season), has become a hot candidate as Paul Zeise details on his blog at Zeise includes in his report that Pitt chancellor Mark Nordenberg was to be part of the group interviewing Graham. That certainly lends quite a bit of importance to the interview.

In my mind, that makes Graham the favorite.

Bradley is stll a candidate, but is to interview at UConn Sunday. I think he'll end up there.

I'm going to bed.

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