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BSD Week in Review & Pregame Open Thread: 10.1.11

Who said raising a newborn was tiring? Pfft! It's been a blast. But no, seriously, whoever said that was absolutely correct. I'm exhausted, but it's totally worth it. And to think, my son is only 8 days old, but will have spent 25 percent of his time on this earth watching college football with his dad. Talk about starting young.

Anyway, it was a busy week overall here at BSD. And with the Big Ten schedule opening up, it's bound to stay this way for the next nine weeks. Oh, and maybe 10 weeks if Penn State pulls off some sort of miracle and plays up to its potential down the stretch. But we'll see. Indiana is on deck today. One game at a time, right?

Friday - 9.30.11

Brooze Cruise: Penn State vs. Indiana Injury Report - by Jeff

Penn State Depth Chartin': Indiana - by Mike

Preview: Penn State At Indiana - by Chris

Success With Hyperlinking Is Going Off The Top Turnbuckle - by Peter

Thursday - 9.29.11

Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 5 - by Galen

SNACKS ON SNACKS: Lemon Shrimp Scampi...Seriously - by Jeff (and his wife)

Amateur Blog Mob Roundtable Week 5 - Penn State vs. Indiana - by Adam

Black Shoe Diaries Podcast: And So It Begins - by Chris

National Preview: Week Five - by Peter

B1G Yawn: Picking Penn State's Big Ten Record - by Mike

Big Ten Preview: Week Five - by Kyle

Success with Hyperlinking is Laughing the Night Away - Kyle

Wednesday - 9.28.11

Former Foes: Week 4 - by Galen

September Review: Not Quite Stumbling Out of the Gate - by Mike

Penn State at Indiana: The Objective Primer and Rankings Roundup - by Jeff

Success With Hyperlinking Is PERSASTRONG Once Again - by Peter

Tuesday - 9.27.11

700 Games Later, Joe Paterno Is Still Chugging Along - by Ben

Press Conference Open Thread & Live Blog: 9.27.11 - Indiana - by Mike

Tuesday Recruitin' Dealt With The Injury Bug Too - by Jeff

BlogPoll 2011: Week 5 Ballot - by Nick

Recap: Penn State 34, Eastern Michigan 6 - by Chris

Success With Hyperlinking Has A 3:30 Start Time - by Kyle

Monday - 9.26.11

BSD Pick'Em Results, Week Four - by Chris

National Recap: Week Four, or "Don't Kill Me, Vontaze" - by Peter

Big Ten Review: Week 4 or "Wait, Minnesota Did What?" - by Kyle

Success With Hyperlinking Lives To DERP Another Day - by PEter

Saturday & Sunday - 9.25 & 9.24

Penn State's Offense Comes Together, Beats Eastern Michigan 34-6 - by Ben