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A User's Guide to Rooting for Matt McGloin

So you've decided to join #TeamMcGloin, eh? The Gingered Avenger has been playing some solid football over the past few games (really, ever since an egg-laying against Alabama), and now Nittany Nation is rallying behind the mighty Scrantonian.

OK, maybe we're not rallying. But many have found that McGloin gives this team the better chance to win. As an original member of Team Little Red, and one of his biggest supporters, I'm here to help you as you begin your love-hate relationship with Matthew McGloin.

Matthew James McGloin was born in the luxurious hamlet of West Scranton, PA in December of 1989. His parents, a retired city worker and homemaker, now co-own a local florist. His meteoric rise to fame took him through West Scranton High School where a trusted source says that he was a standout in numerous sports.

Despite his many awards (not the least of which is best recruiting photo ever), he had no discernible offers from Division 1 schools. That minor detail would not stop the Scranton Slinger. Less than three hours down I-80, McGloin chose to walk-on at Penn State, a decision that would end up affecting the lives of millions of people.

McGloin battled his way into a two-way race with Rob Bolden leading up to the 2010 season, but the Penn State coaches uncharacteristically opted for a one-quarterback system, and Bolden was the man to start the season. Injuries, mediocre play, and a quarterback shuffle would plague the Nittany Lions for the next 1.5 seasons, but that time has almost come to an end, or so hopes #TeamMcGloin. Now, six games into 2011, Mox has earned his chance to lead this team for four consecutive quarters without the fear of being swapped out for Bolden with seemingly reckless abandon.

In 2011, each quarterback has attempted an almost identical number of throws, and McGloin's numbers best Bolden in every single statistical category (I'm sure the announcer from "Little Big League" could find a stat line that puts Bolden on top, but the major categories are led by Double-M). But he played so poorly against Alabama, you say? Maybe, maybe not. Would better QB play have won that game, though? Again, I don't know. But what is known is that Our Fearless Leader has been the better quarterback for three games now, and the McGloin Bandwagon Bus is open for business.

Additionally, there is something about Mox that sets him apart from Bolden. It's an unquantifiable something, a certain je nais se quoi, a word that probably doesn't exist in the English language. The team seems to rally around him and they have an extra pep in their step. He is lively on the field and appears to have better command of the huddle. OK, so we can't possibly know the answer to that since we're not in the huddle or with the team, but you're on #TeamRightStuff now, so you have to know how to argue your way through the debate.

Those still on #TeamBolden are going to tell you that Thunderc**k plays better against better defenses. They will say he has a better skill set (a complete package that includes bouncing a ball off of an umpire into a tight end's hands), that he has a higher upside. Pay these folks no mind. Our Crimson Commander has been more productive and more impressive under center as of late, while Rob Bolden seems to have regressed a bit. The future belongs to Matthew McGloin, and it's just a matter of time until Urban Meyer everyone embraces what we ardent supporters already know...#McGloin4Heisman.