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Success With Hyperlinking Would Like Some Signage

Mama, there go that man again.
Mama, there go that man again.

I'll take a Darkhorse. Hey, you! Do you like Penn State and drinking? If you're reading this, the answer is likely yes, so why don't you order some of this stuff.

Well deserved. Devon Still was added to the Bednarik Award watch list. That'll happen when you take up permanent residence in other teams' backfields for over a month.

We have our second bodybag of the year. Arizona let go of Mike Stoops after the Wildcats stumbled to a 1-5 record this year. Between 2010 and 2011, Arizona's lost 10 straight games to D-IA competition. However, as Bill notes at the mothership, Arizona may have just Glen Mason'd themselves.

PURPLE'S HOT, BABY! TCU is officially in with the Big 12, and will begin competition next year. Meanwhile, BYU said "Thanks but no thanks" to joining another conference, and the Big East will invite every single school in the country if they have to. That is, if they ever get around to actually handing out invitations.

None of this is surprising. Illinois went for two and missed it this past week while up 20-13. Ron Zook later admitted that he had no idea what the score was at the time. Yep.

Texas is weird, man. No no no, A&M, that wasn't poop that was smeared all over your bus in Lubbock this past weekend. It was just fish bait! Of course!

Never change, HBC. Just an average, run of the mill Tuesday for Steve Spurrier. Got up, ate breakfast, hit a bucket of balls at the range, refused to start his weekly press conference until one writer in particular left the room, kicked Stephen Garcia off the team. You know. The usual.

GET 'EM WHILE THEY HOT! Men's and women's basketball single game tickets went on sale yesterday. Pick up a couple, why don't ya?