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Success with Hyperlinking is Looking Forward to Homecoming

This was supposed to go up Tuesday... but something went screwy and it never got posted. So here's today/Tuesday's SwH.

It's Homecoming week! And after a big win (mentally) over Iowa, Penn State has a chance to get to bowl eligibility this weekend as Purdue is visiting. Last year saw Penn State lose their homecoming game, so hopefully history will not repeat itself this time.

As it is Homecoming on Saturday, here is a list of some of the events going on throughout the week. And also the game notes for the game against Purdue.

Silas Redd lost his grandmother last Sunday, his emotions helped carry him through the game on Saturday.

Penn State's grades from Bob Flounders were much better this week. David Jones writes that the win against Iowa is vintage Penn State. And in ballots that really don't matter, Brian Bennett has Penn State at #25, while Adam Rittenberg thinks Notre Dame is more deserving of that spot.

The men's ice hockey team is kind of good this year. They opened the season with a 12-1 win over Lebanon Valley. It's nice to have some D1 players when you're not playing in a D1 league. Here's a collection of renderings of the future Pegula Ice Arena.

The women's volleyball team lost to #1 Illinois in 5 sets for their first Big Ten home loss since 2004. DigNittanyVolleyball looks at freshman Micha Hancock and Nia Grant and compares them to past freshman at PSU.

So I've been doing these posts for about two months now, is there anything you would like to see me add? Let me know in the comments below.