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SNACKS ON SNACKS: Boilermaker Roundtable

Expended Irish Car Bomb (via <a href="">Aaron E. Silvers (reprinted with Creative Commons license</a>)
Expended Irish Car Bomb (via Aaron E. Silvers (reprinted with Creative Commons license)

So far this year, our Nittany Lions have faced off against a bunch of trees, a colorful gravitational phenomenon, a whole host of avian species, and the Hickory men's basketball team. Since you can't really drink any of those things, Snacks on Snacks has been limited to foodstuff.

Now, with Purdue coming to town, we finally have a rallying point for all of you drinkers out there to share some special concoctions. A few of our own have weighed in, but I'm more anxious to see what you can come up with.

The theme this week was Favorite Boilermaker. The exact definition of a boilermaker is something that is apparently up for debate, but for our purposes, it was  a shot of anything dropped into a glass of another something.

Chris: Give me the Citywide Special from Philly -- A shot of Old Crow dropped in a pint of PBR. Consumed separately, they're pretty awful. But together? Yeah, still awful.

Peter: The Lunchbox: Drop a big shot of amaretto and orange juice into a pint of Budweiser.

Jeff: Vegas Bomb. Applicable only from midnight to 2 a.m., they taste like victory and make you feel like America.

Galen, Eric, and just about everyone else: Irish Car Bomb. Simple, historic, delicious. From Galen: "This boilermaker often becomes a test of manhood, as in who can drink it the fastest. It also usually rears its ugly head looooonnnngggg after the point at which I should NOT be drinking it. The time following 1 or 2 of these is often marked with a [SCENE DELETED] in my memory the next day."

Now I've seen some pretty crazy shots in my life, as well as some bombs I wouldn't serve to my worst enemy. But I'm always in the market for my next "Hey, this 14th beer at this crowded bar just isn't doing it for me, let's switch to ________" drink. What's your go-to boilermaker/bomb?