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Success With Hyperlinking Thinks We're All Day To Day Too, Man

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Straight goonin'. Ohio State DB Dominic Clarke is gonna have to sit out their game this weekend against Illinois. Not because he took money or some other benefit, but because he was goin' ham with a BB gun on top of a dorm cafeteria. Supposedly he wasn't shooting at anyone in particular, but just kinda shooting in random directions.


The similarities are striking. Maybe Clarke was just being a good teammate, you guys!

Morale must be at an all time high. It's been a tough year for UCLA and Rick Neuheisel. The Bruins look like garbage, and the writing is very clearly on the wall. That said, UCLA AD Dan Guerrero really didn't need to say that Ole Pistol Rick's job security was "day-to-day." That doesn't help anybody.

Well this is unsatisfying. The hootin' and hollerin' you've been hearing for the past 24ish hours is Auburn fans celebrating the NCAA calling off the dogs on them for the Cam Newton scandal. I think Hinton explains it most succinctly here:

Cam Newton will keep his Heisman Trophy. Auburn will keep the SEC and BCS championships it won with Newton as its starting quarterback.  His father, Cecil, is still presumed guilty of soliciting a six-figure payment from Mississippi State for Newton's services. That presumption still has no effect on his son or Auburn as long as there is no evidence they were aware of the scheme, which there apparently is not. The NCAA still considers this loophole egregious and is working toward closing it in the future. It may as well have re-released the ad hoc statement it issued last December clearing Newton to play, with a new date scrawled in at the top.

Yikes. Nebraska DE Jared Crick is going to miss the rest of the year with a torn pectoral muscle. This is not what either he or the Huskers needed at all.

I don't agree with this at all. There is a proposed piece of NCAA legislation that would reduce the number of scholarships available for FBS schools from 85 to 80, and from 63-60 for FCS schools. The idea is that it will help offset costs involved with a potential move to full cost of attendance scholarships (which I like), but you can't avoid the cruel math of this: Fewer kids will be given the opportunity to go to college.