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Success With Hyperlinking Is Really Excited For Wrestling, You Guys


Bravissimo. The Penn State/Iowa wrestling dual at Rec Hall on January 22nd sold out in 90 minutes yesterday. That's some impressive want-to.

For those of you that missed it. Derek Moye's going to be on ice for at least another two weeks.

And another one. Tulane head coach Bob Toledo was fired yesterday, which puts the JoePa coaching changes tally at 888. Well, 889 if you count the Jamaican prime minister's forthcoming resignation, which I most surely will.

It's called synergy, Lemon. Don't fight it. From our benevolent lords at the SBN mothership, here's Spencer's Alphabetical, as well as a gaggle of must reads from Bill Connelly: The NumericalMarket Adjustments, and a handy dandy and theoretically up to date* conference expansion primer.

Speaking of expansion. Missouri? Supposedly SEC-bound in short order. The Big East? Inviting e'erbody (unless you ask John Marinatto). Bill already wrote about all this, so you should probably just read that.

Suddenly, being "too country" sounds awesome. Because it sure as hell beats being "too hellish." Yikes, Lubbock.

I dare you to watch this and not laughcry. Poignant moments, thanks to an intrepid Tomahawk Nation reader. #rememberthefive

*Likely not up to date by the time you finish this sentence.

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