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Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 8

Last week was a pretty easy week when it came to Big Ten teams yet none of your BSD prognosticators were able to make a clean sweep. Some were skeptical about Iowa (me) and lost, while others were skeptical of Illinois (me) and won. Unfortunately, this is a democracy at BSD so the majority wins. Too bad the majority didn't win more because we went 3-2 for the blog (Hey, there's our new battle cry... FOR THE BLOG!!!! <insert scene from the movie 300>).

Before we get to the numbers, we always open up this post for Thursday night's football game and boy do we have a good one this week. 3-3 UCLA travel to Arizona Stadium to take on 1-5 Arizona at 9:00 on ESPN!!! So, hey, it's always good when two good teams go at it on Thursday night and the inverse is true... it's always awesome when two basement trolls try to play something that resembles organized football. Arizona is 3rd in the nation in passing... proooooobbably because they are 119th in rushing. Both teams are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to points allowed so let's light up the scoreboard!  Stats and pics after the jump.

Last week's results:

Last Week Wins Losses   Total Wins Losses Win %
BSD 3 2   BSD 49 13 79
Jeff 4 1   Jeff 51 11 82
Mike 4 1   Tim 39 10 80
Tim 4 1   Galen 39 10 80
Galen 4 1   Mike 49 13 79
Peter 3 2   Peter 48 14 77
Kyle 3 2   Kyle 48 14 77
Ben 4 1   Ben 44 18 71


Nothing big happened last week other than Mike moving his way up the rankings some. Everybody is so close (not you Ben sorry) that this could change in a hurry. That cheating Spaniard Jeff is still king of the hill and continues to lead the pace. I suspect performance enhancing drugs (liquor?) , WE NEED RANDOM DRUG TESTS!! Screw it, I just got the iPhone 4s so Siri will be making my pics for me this week.

This week's games:

Day Date Opponent Location TV Time
Sat 10/22/2011 Illinois @ Purdue West Lafayette, Ind. ESPN2 12:00 PM ET
Sat 10/22/2011 Indiana @ Iowa Iowa City, Iowa BTN 12:00 PM ET
Sat 10/22/2011 Nebraska @ Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. ABC 3:30 PM ET
Sat 10/22/2011 Penn State @ Northwestern Evanston, Ill. BTN 7:00 PM ET
Sat 10/22/2011 Wisconsin @ Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. ESPN 8:00 PM ET


Nothing stands out so that probably means that there will be some shocker this weekend. I really, really want to pick Northwestern because they are so due for an upset win... hell any win that they scare the Hell out of me, but I just can't go against my heart. Other than that I think the other games are locks.

The Picks:

Peter Jeff Mike Kyle Ben Tim Galen BSD
Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois  Illinois Illinois Illinois
Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa  Iowa Iowa Iowa
Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska  Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska
Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State Penn State  Penn State Penn State Penn State
Wisconsin Wisconsin Michigan State Wisconsin Wisconsin  Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin


Ok, then, so the only guy to stray from the pack was Mike with his pick of SPARTA! over the Cheese. Good luck with that one Mikey, I'm not saying your crazy, but... I don't know how to finish that sentence.

As always, join us here during the game tonight for all the discussion, jokes and memes I can generate.