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Success With Hyperlinking Is Feeling A Bit Punchy


Big man doin' work. Devon Still continues to be recognized for going hard in the paint thus far. This week, he was named a Midseason All-American by both and

KNOCKED OUT LOLOLOL. Michigan State DE William Gholston is going to miss the Wisconsin game after he was suspended by the Big Ten for being a total dick last week against Michigan. You'll note that he wasn't suspended by Mark Dantonio, but the conference. (This is the part where you harumph emphatically)

This is magnificent. Last night's Arizona-UCLA game was gruesome theatre in a variety of ways. First, you got to see first hand what a guy losing his job on national TV looks like (Sorry, Rick), but we were treated to a double dip of fun when a fan ran onto the field dressed as a ref. This distracted the actual referees from breaking up a short lived but bench clearing fight that was bubbling over right as they were looking the other way. Awesome.

The man behind the lulz. Jim from Lost Letterman talked to the enterprising footbaw fan behind Occupy Herbstreit, the photo log of a College Gameday fan lost at Occupy Wall Street. Too bad he's wearing an Iowa shirt in some of those pictures LIKE AN IDIOT.

Interesting. Among all of the conference realignment hullabaloo, I always thought Notre Dame going to the ACC was one of the more interesting rumors. The likelihood of that happening took a hit this week, though, when ACC commissioner John Swofford said that the ACC would only be accepting programs as full members, and would maintain equal revenue sharing.

Speaking of. Notre Dame is changing their helmets so the gold better matches that of the Golden Dome. Apparently some people are really upset about this. No really, read the comments in that string. Notre Dame fans can be so damn silly.