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Penn State Ranked 19 In Latest BCS Standings

The second set of BCS standings came out Sunday night, and Penn State rose two spots to 19th, one spot behind Michigan. There was no change in the top two teams, LSU and Alabama. However, the rest of the top ten was the scene of a major shuffle due to previously unbeaten Oklahoma and Wisconsin losing yesterday.

The Big Ten breaks down thusly: Michigan State leads the way in 11th, followed by Nebraska (14), Wisconsin (15), Michigan (18) and Penn State (19).

The SEC had the most teams in the BCS top 25 with six, followed by the Big Ten and Big 12, who each had five. Georgia Tech, Illinois and Washington all fell out of the top 25, and Texas Tech, Arizona State and Georgia all made their first appearance of the year.

Rank Team Points
1 LSU .9702
2 Alabama .9627
3 Oklahoma State .9240
4 Boise State .8302
5 Clemson .8240
6 Stanford .8124
7 Oregon .6877
8 Kansas State .6681
9 Oklahoma .6642
10 Arkansas .6581
11 Michigan State .5380
12 Virginia Tech .5338
13 South Carolina .5014
14 Nebraska .4385
15 Wisconsin .4333
16 Texas A&M .4281
17 Houston .3676
18 Michigan .3416
19 Penn State .3071
20 Texas Tech .2012
21 Arizona State .1633
22 Georgia .1594
23 Auburn .1310
24 Texas .1187
25 West Virginia .0733

A couple observations:


  • It's curious that Boise is ahead of Clemson. I understand why the Broncos are ahead of both Stanford and Kansas State, as neither have hit the meat of their conference schedules yet, but it's hard to argue that Boise has played a more difficult schedule than the Tigers so far. Boise is going to need Georgia to keep winning to help prop up their strength of schedule. However, even if both Boise and Georgia win out, the Broncos would likely be jumped by an undefeated team from an AQ conference.
  • There's a pretty significant gap between number three and four, and six and seven. If the rest of the season goes according to chalk (Which it almost assuredly will not, but you never know), the BCS title game will be the winner of LSU/Alabama vs. Oklahoma State.
  • Wisconsin and Oklahoma were the two big losers this weekend, but Oklahoma only fell to 9 while Wisconsin tumbled all the way to 15. I'm don't know about you, but I think that Michigan State is a better loss than Texas Tech, but for some reason the Badgers fell farther down the pecking order.
  • Teams the human voters like better than the computers: Oregon, Nebraska, Wisconsin
  • Teams the computers like better than the human voters: Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas A&M, Auburn
Like Kevin said earlier today, Penn State's road to the BCS is right in front of them. All they have to do is win. However, that is going to be much easier said than done with the meat of the schedule appearing on the horizon. They play two teams ranked ahead of them in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and wins in those games (combined with other teams accumulating losses) will make the Lions rise.

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