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Success With Hyperlinking Is Sneaking Up On Everyone

Word is spreading. A common complaint I've seen around here recently is that Penn State doesn't get enough respect from national pundits. Personally, I couldn't care less what most of them think, but one of the few that I really respect is's Bruce Feldman. Naturally, Bruce is hip to our boy Si Redd.

Against the Tide in Week 2, Penn State's Silas Redd couldn't get anything going, getting 22 carries and gaining nothing more than 8 yards. Since then, though, Redd has emerged as one of the rising stars in the Big Ten. He ran for 164 yards as PSU, which had been averaging only 17 ppg in league play, scored 34 to beat Northwestern. Redd is averaging 142 rushing yards in the Nittany Lions' past four games.

Fat guy touchdown? I'm not sure I would call Clemson's Kourtnei Brown a "fat guy" (especially to his face), but when in doubt, I will liberally dispense the fat guy touchdown label. As a wise person on the internet whose name eludes me at the moment once said, fat guy touchdowns are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

H/T: Dr. Saturday

Let's just get this over with. Missouri is expected to withdraw from the Big 12 today. You know, unless they want to have a couple more meetings about it.

Oh Goldy. How bad are things at Minnesota this year? Gophers are tackling each other.

Sartorial Splendor Report. Tulsa wore these helmets on Saturday, and I'm pretty sure they were banking on their opponents getting a headache from looking at them. LSU wore their pro combat uniforms, and dare I say, they looked pretty sharp.

In case you missed it. This is how close Michigan State's last second TD catch against Wisconsin was to not even being in the end zone.


Keith Nichol kept his head on a swivel, and Sparty reaped the benefit. H/T: The invaluable

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