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Success With Hyperlinking Is Keeping An Eye On Hockey

Keepin' tabs. In terms of recruiting, football steals the lion's share of the words around here, but why not take a second and see how Penn State's hockey commits are doing in juniors. Listen to this to get the full effect.

Continue shuffling. Once Missouri gets their act together and leaves for the SEC, the Big 12 is set to replace them with West Virginia. Don't know about you, but I'm pumped to see the Mountaineers plays in Lubbock.

Synergy! A whole handful of interesting reads from our benevolent overlords at SBN this week. The AlphabeticalThe NumericalMarket AdjustmentsHot Seat Watch, and a 100% guaranteed-to-be-accurate look at which teams will end the season undefeated.

Turning to the police blotter. The mercurial Cliff Harris was pulled over in Eugene on Monday, and was dinged for driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, and not wearing his seat belt. Seeing how he can't get behind the wheel of a car without getting in some sort of trouble, he's been suspended indefinitely.

Ohio State's Jaamal Berry is a suspect in one of the more bizarre incidents I've ever heard. According to a police report, Berry and a friend witnessed someone get hit by a car, taunted the victim, and then crossed the street and punched him in the face. Berry was also involved in another bewildering incident last month. Something seems amiss here.

Watch this and try not to get misty eyed. Eric LeGrand is amazing. If I were in his position, I highly doubt I'd be 1% as positive as he is. Get better, young man.