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Success with Hyperlinking is Watching the Watchlist

Great things are in Redd's future.
Great things are in Redd's future.

Since no one reads the Fan Shots I figured I'd bump this story in today's SwH. Silas Redd has been added to the Maxwell Award Watchlist. It will be a long shot for Redd to win this award which goes to the nation's best player, but it's nice to see him get some national recognition.

Tired of the QB "controversy" yet? Donnie Collins of The Times-Tribune thinks Matt McGloin is the starter and refuses to believe otherwise.

Clutch plays are saving the Nittany Lions this year. The game against Northwestern is just the latest example of that.

Penn State as a whole is graduating its student athletes at a high rate. 88% of athletes coming to Penn State leave with a degree which is 8% higher than the national average, but ranks only 3rd in the Big 10.

Cameron Wake had himself quite a game on Sunday, recording two sacks. How did the rest of the Nittany Lions in the NFL fare?

Looks like the PSU ice hockey team will play MSU and Wisconsin next year.

The eighth ranked field hockey team beat Bucknell 3-1 this week.

Here's what the women's volleyball team is up against Saturday night.

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