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Success With Hyperlinking Has Yet To Contact Its Senator

That's it. There are now several United States senators involved in conference realignment. In related news, I'm done talking about it until something official happens. I'm sorry for getting politics in your football, and here is a token of my appreciation for your understanding.

And of course, since I wrote this last night, the Big 12 decided to actually do something official and invite West Virginia, and West Virginia only. Hopefully this is where we say fin to major conference realignment, and no, that doesn't include the Big East adding the likes of Central Florida and the service academies.

Big changes comin'. The NCAA rolled out several big-to-massive rule changes yesterday. They basically boil down to this:

I think these are all good ideas in theory, but they aren't perfect. The scholarship rule needs to be implemented extremely carefully, otherwise you're staring down the barrel of an administrative nightmare. As for the full cost of attendance money, it's good for Penn State, but it's bad for every FBS school that isn't a big boy. The good thing as that these changes are going to be implemented over the course of the next few years, so hopefully any major kinks can be ironed out before they become too big of a problem.

Box Score Lunacy. Check out the box score from last night's Houston-Rice game, a 73-34 win for the Cougars. Of particular interest: Case Keenum's nine touchdown passes makes him the NCAA career leader for touchdown passes, and WR Patrick Edwards caught seven balls for 318 yards and five touchdowns. I know the air raid inflates passing stats, but this is simply ridiculous.

Awful. Whatever your feelings may be about Pitt, you can't help but feel for Ray Grahamwho was lost for the season with a knee injury. Pitt lost offensive lineman Matt Rotheram and wideout Cameron Saddler for the season on Wednesday night as well. Talk about a costly win.

And now for better news. Eric LeGrand is going to lead Rutgers onto the field against West Virginia this weekend. This is appointment viewing, and don't forget to bring your tissues.


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