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Success With Hyperlinking Is Protecting Itself

That's... That's a penalty. Jonathan Brown, everybody!

Realignment news. The Big 12 is waiting on expansion until they know what Missouri's going to do. The Big East is trying to consolidate their position by either expanding, raising league exit fees, or both. Can't wait for this to be over, you guys.

This may have been an omen. South Carolina had elected to wear "Wounded Warrior" uniforms on Saturday against Auburn, but were forced to change them right before the game because the referees had problems reading the numbers.

Oh, now he's just showing off. Andrew Luck is good at football.

Well done, friends. After Wisconsin had successfully put their game against Nebraska beyond the point of doubt, the student section at Camp Randall apparently started chanting "BIG TEN FOOT-BALL." #trollolololo

For our gamblin' friends out there. The lines for next weekend's games have been released, and Penn State opened as a 2 point favorite against Iowa. It's already started moving Iowa's way. Prediction: Penn State's going to be getting points soon.