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This Ain't No Walking Dead: Superheroes and Zombies Review


I'm one of those people who listens to every type of music. I've got classical music coming up next to Metallica on shuffle and I'm ok with it. Honestly though it has been difficult to defend rap the past year or so. Not that I don't bounce around like everybody else at a party, but it's lacking the substance that it used to have in it's prime. Certainly guys like Jay-Z, Kanye, and Shad K are holding it down, but it's just hard to defend LETSHAVEAREALGOODTIME.

That's why I was excited to download Primary Element's new mixtape Superheroes And Zombies. For those of you curious why in the world this post is here, Primary Element is the rap group Penn State cornerback Mike Wallace is in. Considering they make their own beats and write the tracks, they're more like a musical group but I'm not sure they want the boy-band tag just yet.

Normally I wouldn't write up a review for some college guys shouting "Booty Booty Booty Rocking Everywhere" while they dance around on the White Loop but Primary Element brings high-quality production and skills to the table. And besides, it's the bye week, what else are we going to talk about for two weeks? 

The album is a nice step up from their last work. The guys have figured out what kind of music they want to make and they've done a good job staying true to their style rather than trying to fit in to the "college rapper" mold. It's nice to see somebody stick to their guns and keep it clever, classy, and original.

If I had to describe the album in one word it'd be "Fun" it just sounds like these guys had a blast putting it together while taking it seriously at the same time. From the upbeat "Superheroes" which features the kind of beat PE is becoming known for, to "PE Freestyle" which takes a walk into the mainstream, the album is just plain fun.

Best Listens: Superheroes, PE Freestyle, Beautiful. KIDJOB, Flyin.

So give it a listen you can download the album here for free. If for no other reason than the album cover is epic.