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Success with Hyperlinking Reminds You that it Can Always Get Worse

Fed up with the Penn State football team? Don't like that Guido is ruining the game day experience? Well... just be thankful that we're not Minnesota fans. I recently stumbled upon this video. It sums up what Minnesota football is like quite nicely.

Goldy Gopher has the "Midas Touch" (via GopherAthletics)

First the positives - The defense played very well on Saturday, even though they were missing Mauti, Lynn and Morris (for most of the second half)

Now your weekly QB piece - Frank Bodani says Penn State needs to play to win now, not next year, and McGloin gives Penn State the best chance of doing that.

And now the "why did he link that" - Here's Penn Live's grades for the team from Saturday. And the requisite complaining about the coaching in the comments.

Your weekly hockey news - Penn State hockey overlord Joe Battista traveled to Notre Dame this past weekend to view their hockey facilities to glean ideas for the Pegula Ice Arena. The Lady Icers swept Buffalo this weekend, and the men's team had their Blue and White game.

Finally a women's volleyball recap - The women's volleyball team swept through Wisconsin and Minnesota last week improving their record to 10-4 (3-1).

Bonus #1! - Nebraska DT Chase Rome got more push against a paper towel dispenser than he did against Wisconsin's O-Line. Unfortunately, that personal foul cost him about $320.

Bonus #2! - Boom Herron, DeVier Posey and O-Lineman Marcus Hall have all been suspended for Saturday's game at Nebraska. An investigation into Herron and Posey turned up evidence that the three of them received extra pay at a summer jobs in Cleveland. Is anyone surprised? Apparently Gene Smith is, and he's still sticking to his story that this is not a systemic problem at Ohio State. No one's buying that Gene, but I'm sure your athletes love that you're so willing to throw them under the bus.